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  May 25, 2019      

Risk of Energy Availability: Common Corridors for Europe Supply Security

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REACCESS Final Conference - May 13th , 2011 - Brussels
The results of the REACCESS Project were presented in a one-day event held in May 13th , 2011 at the Hotel Stephanie in Brussels.

Useful Material
The REACCESS summary report is available here.
Please download the Agenda from here.
The photos are available here.


 Consensus Building   
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project is envisaged to be beneficial for various target groups that are defined not only by their direct interest for the project results but also by their institutional, scientific and educational status. Indeed, clear channels of communications between the project partners themselves as well as with the wider community play a crucial role in the success of the project. In this respect, the REACCESS project is working through various focused groups and committees through formal and informal mechanisms so as to achieve its aims. Thus, dissemination and exploitation activities are carried out for discussion refinement, diffusion of the methodology and models and consensus building regarding the final outcomes for the analysed scenarios.

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