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  May 25, 2019      

Risk of Energy Availability: Common Corridors for Europe Supply Security

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REACCESS Final Conference - May 13th , 2011 - Brussels
The results of the REACCESS Project were presented in a one-day event held in May 13th , 2011 at the Hotel Stephanie in Brussels.

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The REACCESS summary report is available here.
Please download the Agenda from here.
The photos are available here.


 The ProjectProject Introduction   
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Import increasingly contributes to energy consumption of EU27. According to the commonly accepted energy outlooks in 2030 about 70 % of the European energy needs will be met by primary (and non renewable) sources originating from foreign areas, some of which are very remote and geopolitically unstable. A relevant issue involves the reliability of the infrastructures (for extraction, primary processing and transport to EU), as far as likely accidents and terrorist attacks are concerned. In addition to the import of primary sources, also the import of electricity will be relevant as many new interconnections are at several stages of design and implementation.

The main goal of the project is to build tools suitable for EU27 energy import scenario analyses, able to take into account at the same time the technical, economical and environmental aspects of the main energy corridors, for all energy commodities and infrastructures.

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