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  May 25, 2019      

Risk of Energy Availability: Common Corridors for Europe Supply Security

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REACCESS Final Conference - May 13th , 2011 - Brussels
The results of the REACCESS Project were presented in a one-day event held in May 13th , 2011 at the Hotel Stephanie in Brussels.

Useful Material
The REACCESS summary report is available here.
Please download the Agenda from here.
The photos are available here.


 The ProjectProject Objectives   
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The principle objectives of the REACCESS project are:
  • Analysing present policies concerning EU MS and Community targets for energy import.
  • Evaluating technical, economical and environmental features of present and future energy corridors within Europe and among Europe and the supplying regions of the World.
  • Introducing suitable parameters and indicators (including technical and socio-economical reliability) and cost components (investment, O&M, externalities) incorporating the above mentioned information, which may help a global evaluation of supply options (energy vectors, infrastructures, origins of the sources) and their impacts on economy, society, energy and environment toward sustainability.
  • Identifying main energy corridors to EU27+ for primary/secondary energy commodities and electricity.
  • Implementing these energy corridors into an adapted version of the pan-EU TIMES model (PEM) built in the framework of the NEEDS IP or into other modelling tools
  • Analysing scenarios, in which for the fulfilment of the EU27+ energy needs, the import strategies of primary (and secondary) energy carriers compete with the evolution of energy efficiency policies, the introduction of new energy schemes and the development of renewables, in the framework of the EU environmental targets for 2030-2050.
  • Training target groups of EU DGs to familiarize with the modelling tool.
  • Developing interactions with commercial and industrial entities through an ad hoc Advisory Board.
  • Disseminating the project work and discussing the results of the analysed scenarios.
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